• The Beeper [2009 Vol. 19, No. 17]

      Walls, Sharron C.; Fahmy, Sam; Baker, Toni; Hinely, Paula; Hilliard, Jennifer; Walls, Sharron C.; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 2009-08-19)
      Features this week include: Board of Regents approves furloughs; A golden sight; Furlough FAQs; Briefs...need to know news, events and more; USG appoints Presidential Search Committee; Newly renovated partnership building opens in Athens; Fire brings out employees' best; Children's Medical Center ranked first in nation; Family Day Sept. 12; Family Medicine leadership fellowship emphasizes integrity, inclusiveness; Disaster practice makes perfect; All together, now!; Heavy hitters visit kids at MCG; Newsmakers; Specialists join orthopedic surgery faculty; Welcome...to these new members of the MCG community; Pet Gazette; Campus Beat.
    • MCG Today [Fall 2009; Vol. 37, No. 2]

      Baker, Toni; Cline, Damon; Connell, Amy; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Fahmy, Sam; Hilliard, Jennifer; Hinely, Paula; Parrish, Denise; Walls, Sharron C.; Deriso, Christine Hurley; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 2009)
      Table of Contents: 2-11 Do Well By Doing Good: President Rahn reflects on expansion-filled tenure; 12-17 Shoring Up: MCG helps students weather financial challenges; 18-29 An Apple for the Teacher: MCG becomes a leader in technology-infused curriculum; 30-37 Here to Help: NIH program director lays out welcome mat for researchers; 38-43 A Breath of Fresh Air: MCG tackling childhood asthma on several fronts; 44-53 Go-to Guy: Dr. Nojan Valadi-2009 Resident of the year.