• MCG Today [2005 Vol.32 No.4]

      Rahn, Daniel W.; Snell, Don; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Humphrey, Deborah; Baker, Toni; Gladden, Ellen; Marion, Lucy; Collins, Marie; Division of External Affairs; Division of Strategic Support; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 2005)
      Table of Contents: 2 Newsbriefs; 6 Getting Down to Business: The MCG Life Sciences Business Development Center merges the corporate and research worlds; 10 Rising to the Challenge: A jeep wreck brings out the best in medical missionaries; 14 Unforgotten: The MCG Memory Disorders Clinic addresses the physical and emotional needs of Alzheimer's familiar; 16 A Good Fit: MCG's international students bring a fresh perspective to campus; 20 CSI: Kentucky: An MCG eduction launches the career of a forensic anthropologist; 23 Profile in Giving: Dr. E. Dan DeLoach's cancer diagnosis changed his perspective dramatically; 24 Plan Your Giving: The Charitable Lead Trust; 25 School News: News about each of MCG's five schools; 41 Reflections: Laying out the welcome mat.