• GALl LEO Workstation Use Policy

      Director of Libraries; Georgia Health Sciences University (2007-04-20)
      8.02 GALl LEO Workstation Use Policy: GALILEO workstations are available in the Robert B. Greenblatt Library for use by faculty, staff, and students at Georgia Health Sciences University, and for faculty, staff, and students affiliated with any other University System of Georgia institution. In addition, GALILEO workstations are available for public use. This policy describes procedures for using the GALILEO workstations in the Greenblatt Library, including identification of the users, and describes the information that can be accessed on the workstations.
    • Gender Discrimination Policy

      Office of Affirmative Action; Equal Employment Opportunity; Georgia Health Sciences University (2005-02-15)
      3.02 Gender Discrimination Policy:The Georgia Health Sciences University prohibits the use of gender preference in all employment practices, including advertising, recruiting,hiring, salary determination, leaves of absence, and retirement.
    • General Electric X-Ray Corporation Circline Illuminator

      Augusta University
      General Electric X-Ray Corporation Circline Illuminator Dimensions are 20.5" H x 6.25" W x 14.75.5" L; weight: 15 lbs., 9.1 oz.
    • General Institutional Admissions

      Office of Academic Admissions; Georgia Health Sciences University (2011-07-25)
      4.17 General Institutional Admissions Policy: This policy is intended as an institutional admissions policy for all colleges at the Georgia Health Sciences University. The Office of Academic Admissions in the Division of Enrollment Management processes applicant materials for the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Allied Health Sciences, and the College of Nursing. The College of Medicine (Georgia Health Sciences University) and the College of Dental Medicine each have their own admissions departments within their respective college.
    • Georgia Health Sciences University’s Home Page Policy

      Office of Academic and Research Computing; Georgia Health Sciences University (1999-01)
      To provide a centralized electronic resource containing mission critical and institutionally essential information. GHSU’s World Wide Web Home Page is conceptualized as an electronic book, designed as a Table of Contents, behind which reside a series of electronic pages describing and presenting the institution to the public. Mission critical information explains a unit’s purpose and functions in relation to GHSU’s overall mission of education, research and health care.Institutionally essential information is information considered core to the identity of a particular institutional organizational unit. Critical and essential information are important in developing the understanding of the work of a given unit and the mission of the institution.
    • Gerbode Mitral Valve Dilator

      Augusta University (Historical Collections & Archives, Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library, Augusta University, 2019-04-18)
    • Get it Right from the Start: How to Organize for Positive Impact

      Brond, David; Office of Communications and Marketing; Georgia Regents University (2012-11-12)
    • GHSU Policy Template

      Division of Institutional Effectiveness; Georgia Health Sciences University (2011)
      Template issued for the creation or amendment of Georgia Health Sciences University policies
    • GHSU Signage Policy

      Facilities Management Division; Georgia Health Sciences University (1989-06)
      The purpose of this policy is to insure that the GHSU signage program meets quality standard of aesthetic appeal, uniformity, and simplicity,while being highly functional in providing the information necessary.
    • GHSU Today [Summer 2011; Vol. 38, No. 3]

      Baker, Toni; Cline, Damon; Parrish, Denise; Scott, Jennifer Hilliard; Walls, Sharron C.; Cline, Damon; Jones, Phil; Design, P.J. Hayes; Division of Communications and Marketing (Georgia Health Sciences University, 2011)
      Table of Contents: 20-23 Building Better Bones: Study focuses on age-related bone loss; 24-27 College of Nursing Takes Aim at Mental Health: East Central Regional Hospital affiliation allows College of Nursing to expand mental health education; 28 Nursing Scholarships: Recipients/benefactors have special bonds; 29 Senior Project: A.R. Johnson students take Laney-Walker neighborhood survey; 30 A Perfect Match: The Rojianis: how they live and worth together is a "no-brainer"; 31 Resident of the Year: Dr. Jennifer Malcom; 32-33 Rattled by Depression: Depressed pregnant women have longer hospital stays after delivery; 34-35 Surgery Without Scars: Single incision laparoscopic surgery now available; 36-37 Inauguration Highlights: Ricardo Azziz "officially" becomes 8th President; 38-46 Class Notes; 47 Gift Planning; 48 Reflections
    • GHSU Today [Winter/Spring 2011; Vol. 38, No. 2]

      Baker, Toni; Cline, Damon; Connell, Amy; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Hinely, Paula; Parrish, Denise; Walls, Sharron C.; Cline, Damon; Jones, Phil; Design, P.J. Hayes; et al. (Georgia Health Sciences University, 2011)
      Table of Contents: 10-13 Sibling Revelry: Neighborhood generates many sibling students; 14-17 Rolling with the Punches: First-year student takes disability in stride; 18-21 Dental Dilemma: Popular osteoporosis drugs linked to jaw necrosis; 22-25 Tried and TRU: Clinical trials unit advances medical discovery; 26-31 Melting Pot: GHSU faculty are truly global community; 32-35 Pass the Salt: Scientists work to better understand, relive hypertension; 36-38 Radical Surgery, Radical Faith: Wilton Holiday survives near-death experience; 39-42 Class Notes; 43 Obituaries; 44-45 Alumni spotlight; 46 Focus on Philanthropy: New relationship with foundations part of GHSU development efforts; 47 Gift Planning; 48-49 Reflections
    • GHSU Today [Winter/Spring 2012; Vol. 39, No. 1]

      Baker, Toni; Cline, Damon; Hudson, Stacey; Scott, Jennifer Hilliard; Walls, Sharron C.; Cline, Damon; Jones, Phil; Division of Communications and Marketing (Georgia Health Sciences University, 2012)
      Table of Contents: 2 Letters to the Editor; 13-15 Disaster Ready: Students learn emergency preparedness; 16-18 Helping in Harrisburg: Students mentor inner-city children; 19-21 Heavy-Duty Health Care: Local industry aims to keep employees healthy; 22-23 HIV in the 21st Century: Survival statistics give hope to patients; 24-25 Best of Both Worlds: Program lets students be doctors, scientists; 26-29 Restoring Balance: Researchers explore proteins, link to pulmonary edema; 30-31 It Takes a Village: Nursing students conduct health fair for "transitional" families; 32-35 Favorite Things: Library curator identifies a few of her favorite artifacts; 36-40 Two at the Top: College of Dental Medicine professor, son both famous in their fields; 41 Gift Planning; 42 Class Notes
    • Glass Beaker

      Augusta University (Historical Collections & Archives, Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library, Augusta University, 2019-04-26)
    • Glass Beaker

      Augusta University
    • Glass Funnel, 6.5"

      Augusta University
    • Glass Pipette

      Augusta University
    • Glass Test Tube, No. 1

      Augusta University
    • Glass Test Tube, No. 2

      Augusta University
    • Glass Test Tube, No. 3

      Augusta University