• Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy for Students

      Campus Life Services; Georgia Health Sciences University (2008-11-10)
      6.10 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Policy for Students: The use of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and LSD carries serious penalties. Under State of Georgia law, mere possession of an illegal drug may constitute a felony and could result in serious monetary fines, as vvell as imprisonment for 20 years or more. Similarly, the unauthorized use of legal, prescription drugs may constitute a felony and also carries serious penalties. While not an illegal drug per se,alcohol may also be abused and may result in criminal penalties. State of Georgia law may impose serious sanctions for drug- or alcoholrelated crimes, including loss of or ineligibility for a professional license, or employment with any state agency. In addition to legal penalties, Georgia Health Sciences University will suspend or expel any student convicted of a drug-related felony in any state, effective the date of the conviction.