• The Beeper [2004 Vol. 14, No. 4]

      Deriso, Christine Hurley; Gladden, Ellen; Baker, Toni; Rahn, Daniel W.; Gladden, Ellen; Division of External Affairs (Medical College of Georgia, 2004-02-19)
      The Beeper, a campus publication, is produced weekly featuring the Medical College of Georgia’s faculty, staff, and students activities, research, and accomplishments; including campus announcements and news.
    • The Beeper [2001 Vol. 11, No. 21]

      Baker, Toni; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Gladden, Ellen; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Gladden, Ellen; Division of Institutional Relations; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 2001-10-18)
      Features this week include: Facilities plan promises campus transformation; Plaque honors 'indomitable spirit' of Lamar students; Dr. Scott to oversee diversity initiatives; Grant to fund student clinics for vidalia migrant workers; Program seeks to alleviate shortage of X-ray technologists; Dr. Wang joins MCG surgical oncology service; President lauds faculty dedication, encourages ongoing communication; MCG nurses find common ground in England; Specials mark credit union's 25 years; Dr. Munn to discuss localized suppression of immune system; Nursing researcher receives posthumous award.