• Bulletin of the University Hospital [Vol. 2, No. 4]

      Greenblatt, Robert B.; Feingold, M; Slaughter, Richard Frank; Raskind, Robert; Kelly, G. Lombard; Medical College of Georgia (Medical College of Georgia, 1940-07)
      Table of Contents: 1-6 Report of an unusual case of lactation with notes on the suppression of lactation; 7-10 Diabetes insipidus and posterior pituitary extract; 10-15 The neurogenic aspects of peptic ulcers; 15-16 Letter from the Dean.
    • Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, 1860

      Jones, Joseph; Campbell, Henry Fraser; Ford, H.W. DeSaussure; Doughty, William Henry; Dugas, Louis Alexander; Carroll, Robert C.; Campbell, Henry Fraser; Campbell, Robert; Medical College of Georgia (Medical College of Georgia, 1860)
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