• Bulletin of the University Hospital [Vol. 1, No. 3]

      Volpitto, Perry P; Torpin, Richard; Goodwin, Thomas W; Battey, WW; Medical College of Georgia (Medical College of Georgia, 1939-05)
      Table of Contents: 1-6 The treatment of poisoning due to barbiturates; 6-9 Roentgenpelvimetry; 9-13 Radiography of the urinary tract; 14-16 Mesenteric fibroma; 16 Graduation exercises; 16 Negro physicians.
    • Bulletin of the University Hospital [Vol. 4 No. 2]

      Dow, Philip; Alexander, William F; Brown, WR; McDaniel, JZ; Bradley, EM; Robertson, GG; Woodbury, RA; Hamilton, WF; Cleckley, Hervey M; Volpitto, Perry P; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 1942)
      Table of Contents: 1-3 The Dugas Journal Club; 3-6 Some fundamental aspects of the autonomic nervous system with specific references; 7-8 Discussion of the paper of Dr. W. R. Brown; 9-11 A comparison of gonadotropic hormones in reptiles and mammals; 11-13 Inherited abnormalities in mammalian embroyos; 13-16 The effect of metrazol upon the blood pressure of a man and dog.