• The Augusta State University Faculty Manual

      University System of Georgia; Augusta State University (2012)
      This FACULTY MANUAL is divided into five major sections. Section I contains the STATUTES of Augusta State University passed by the faculty and approved by the Regents. The Statutes define the structure of the University and the basic duties of the faculty and administrative officers. Section II contains the BYLAWS of the University defining the committee structure of the faculty. Section III contains OFFICIAL POLICIES of the University. These include policies passed by the faculty and a few (numbered 1000 or higher) established by the University administration. Section IV contains OFFICIAL PROCEDURES of the University that relate to activities of the faculty, such as appointment of faculty, evaluation of faculty, all faculty committees, evaluation of senior administrators, and travel. These were established by the University administration and the University System. Section V provides general INFORMATION on practical matters such as university administration, retirement, and health insurance benefits, vacation and sick leave policies.