• General Institutional Admissions

      Office of Academic Admissions; Georgia Health Sciences University (2011-07-25)
      4.17 General Institutional Admissions Policy: This policy is intended as an institutional admissions policy for all colleges at the Georgia Health Sciences University. The Office of Academic Admissions in the Division of Enrollment Management processes applicant materials for the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Allied Health Sciences, and the College of Nursing. The College of Medicine (Georgia Health Sciences University) and the College of Dental Medicine each have their own admissions departments within their respective college.
    • Transfer Credit Policy

      Office of Academic Admissions; Georgia Health Sciences University (2007-07-12)
      4:15 Transfer Credit Policy: This policy governs the evaluation and acceptance of courses that are presented for transfer to the Georgia Health Sciences University by students applying to enter the institution's baccalaureate, professional, and graduate degree programs. Criteria vary for acceptance of transfer credit by colleges and degree programs. These criteria are set forth in this policy.