• MCG Today [1970 Vol.1, No.2]

      Stokes, John W.; Austin, James C.; McGuire, Sandra, Editorial Coordinator; Bard, Raymond C.; Bowers, Donald F.; Fordham, Christopher C., III; O'Rear, Harry B.; Reynolds, Robert E., Contributing Editor; Williams, W. Loren, Contributing Editor; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1970)
      Table of Contents: 4-8 Medicine's Mandate; 9-11 Nursing: many Programs, Many Graduates; 12-13 Dentistry: Instruction, Investigation & Involvement; 14-15 Health Professions Education in the University System; 16-19 The Growing List of Health Professionals; 20-23 Tomorrow
    • The Proceedings of the Medical College of Georgia, 1958 July

      Sydenstricker, Virgil P.; O'Rear, Harry B.; Bailey, A.W.; Bannister, J. Warren; Ahlquist, Raymond P.; Parkes, Orville A.; Medical College of Georgia; Sydow, Virginia L.; Chandler, A. Bleakley; Kelly, G. Lombard; Wright, Claude-Starr; Hallinan, Mary P.; Parkes, Orville A.; Dwyer, Thomas N. (Medical College of Georgia, 1958-07-25)
      The Proceedings of the Medical College of Georgia was published by the MCG Faculty and contained college and alumni news, and clinical articles.