• Asset Management Policy

      Materials Management; Asset Management; Georgia Health Sciences University (2010-10-22)
      Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) Asset Management maintains the consolidated institutional records of all moveable equipment. Each department is responsible for maintaining control, accountability, and disposal of their respective equipment as well as identifies an Assistant Equipment Control Officer to manage their inventory.
    • Materials Management – Moving/Surplus Property Services

      Materials Management; Moving/Surplus Property Services; Georgia Health Sciences University (2008-02)
      All units of Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) requiring moving and surplus property services will complete a Request for Moving Form and submit it to Moving/Surplus Property.
    • State Insurance Program

      Materials Management; Director's Office; Georgia Health Sciences University (2008-02)
      The State Insurance Program was created by the General Assembly to protect all of the State’s real and personal property, and non-owned property in the state’s care, custody and control from insurable losses.If a Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) department has property that is damaged or stolen, with a repair or replacement cost of more than $1,000, a claim should be filed to recover the cost.
    • Surplus Personal Computers/Electronic Property

      Materials Management; Moving/Surplus Property Services; Georgia Health Sciences University (2015-12-18)
      All Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) units that have Personal Computers (PC) and any type electronic equipment that contains data storage devices must have the hard drive or data storage device removed before disposal.
    • Wireless Communications Devices

      Materials Management; Georgia Health Sciences University (2006-03)
      A University assigned WCD/cellular telephone and service may be an appropriate resource to conduct University business when it is demonstrated an exempt employee cannot perform his or her duties without a WCD/cellular telephone or that improved performance ensuing from WCD/cellular telephone service will justify the investment