Table of Contents

Original Research
The Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act (BCCPTA) in Georgia: Women Covered and Medicaid Costs in 2003, E. K. Adams, S. C. Blake, C. Raskind-Hood, L. Chien, M. Zhou, J. Liff, & W. Eley

Clinicians’ Perception of Inmates’ Satisfaction with Mental Health Services, J. B. Daniel & W. S. Korr

Modifying and Validating a Quality of Life Measure to Fit your Patient Population, M. R. Johnson, J. R. Maclean, R. Rogers, D. M., Fick, & A. Kallab

Multi-Level Evaluation of a Perinatal Health Program in Rural Southeast Georgia, S. Raychowdhury, S. Tedders, G. O’Steen, & S. Jones
Relationship of Fruit and Vegetable Servings and Self-Reported Diabetics in the Southeast and northeast, M. Rimando, F. Lopez, & H. Battula


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