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From the Editor

Historical Critique of the Leading Causes of Death in the United, States, M. Thomas

Practice in Action

A Needs Assessment of Hypertension in Georgia, F. Lopez, M., Rimando, & H. Khapekar

Original Research

Racial Differences in Perception of Breast Cancer Risk in Rural Southeast Georgia, S. Tedders, A. Parrillo, K. Peace, & J. Knight

Care Quality for Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries with Type 2 Diabetes Varies by Primary Care Provider Subspecialty, R. Mayberry, R., Finley, E. Alema-Mensah, & T. Davis

Pregnancy and Delivery Costs in Georgia Medicaid: PCCM versus Fee-for-Service Enrollees, C. Raskind-Hood, E. Kathleen Adams, E., Alema-Mensah, &, R. Mayberry


McKinley Thomas, Augusta State University, Mercer University School of Medicine

Editorial Board

Grace Baugh, Medical College of Georgia
Kathi J. Bivens, Augusta State University
Georgia L. Gerard-Reed, Augusta State University
Paula Dohoney, Augusta State University
Curtis Gobely, Georgia Division of Public Health
Mary Mathis, Mercer University
Anthony Parrillo, Georgia Southern University
Jane M. Perry, Georgia Division of Public Health
Rebecca Rogers, Augusta State University
Lee Tanenbaum, Georgia Division of Public Health
Anna Vickery, Medical College of Georgia
Naomi Williams, Medical College of Georgia


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