Table to Contents

From the Editor

Meeting Public Health Challenges, M. Thomas

Practice in Action

A Worldwide Crisis: Inappropriate Antibiotic Use and Resistant Bacterial Infections, A. Vickery, J. Wilde

Original Research

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Perceived Knowledge versus Actual Knowledge, H. Ferguson, R. Topolski, & M. Miller

An Examination of Adolescents’ Knowledge and Attitudes Related to Heart Disease, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Media Influences and the Adoption of a Healthy Lifestyle, M. Schenkman, R. Martin, & S. Butler

Emerging Professionals

Knowledge and Attitudes of Restaurant Operators Concerning the Requirements of the Georgia Smoke-Free Air Act, J. B. Fountain


McKinley Thomas, Augusta State University, Mercer University School of Medicine

Editorial Board

Kathi J. Bivens, Augusta State University
Georgia L. Gerard-Reed, Augusta State University
Paula Dohoney, Augusta State University
Curtis Gobely, Georgia Division of Public Health
Anthony Parrillo, Georgia Southern University
Jane M. Perry, Georgia Division of Public Health
Rebecca Rogers, Augusta State University
Lee Tanenbaum, Georgia Division of Public Health
Anna Vickery, Medical College of Georgia
Naomi Williams, Medical College of Georgia 


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