Transforming Education
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Transforming Education

Transforming Education is a new, peer-reviewed, online journal published through the College of Education at the Georgia Regents University. The purpose of Transforming Education is to disseminate scholarly research that reflects transformation in education. This transformation can be a transformation for the positive or an analysis about how something might be transforming negatively. However, one major purpose of Transforming Education is to promote positive and progressive growth in education. So, critical papers should offer solutions. Transforming Education is intended as an outlet for graduate student research. The primary focus is on research and scholarship produced by graduate students. However, one section is devoted to faculty research conducted with graduate students.

The purpose of Transforming Education is to allow graduate students to have a truly peer-reviewed journal for the purpose of publishing research, theoretical articles, and collaborations with faculty. Because of this, Transforming Education has a review board made up of graduate students from around the world. This board will be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the editorial board. The editorial board, completely separate and consisting of faculty members from the United States, Canada and abroad, is tasked with making final decisions about articles that have been reviewed.

Aims and Scope
Transforming Education is an online peer-reviewed journal whose aim is to disseminate dialogue among educators through research, policy, and practice. The purpose of this journal is to facilitate conversations in reference to educational topics and issues related to educational excellence. This journal is also concerned with supporting and promoting educational research in its many forms. The research presented in this journal is intended for all professionals and practitioners in the field of education K-12 and at the university level. Transforming Education strives to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences of educators in order to develop an understanding and awareness of issues faced by those in the field of education.
Student Produced Data Driven Articles
The data-driven research section includes reports of original research that include an introduction, review of relevant literature, methodology, results, and discussion. Research can be action-based, quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods or analyses that synthesize the hypotheses of previous reports. Submissions should maintain the journal's objective of reporting on the transformation of education toward improvement and positive change.
Student Theoretical Articles
Theoretical articles are ideas supported by pre-existing research. They may uphold empirical research studies or might focus on existing research literature used to validate new idea. These articles should maintain the journal's objective for transforming positive changes in education.
Faculty Articles
Faculty can submit articles both empirical and theoretical. Empirical articles should include an introduction, review of relevant literature, methodology, results and discussion sections. Theoretical articles present ideas that positively transform the current state of education. We will consider articles which maintain the objective of the journal. Submissions for this section are limited to collaborative projects between/among faculty and students. Both faculty and students should be authors on the projects.
Practitioner Articles
The transformation of educational practice happens in the schools. Therefore, this section of the journal will focus on research created by P-12 practitioners that are currently in the school system. Authors for this section should be primarily in the school system (or private schools) instead of being in higher education.
Invited Articles
Each issue of Transforming Education will include one invited article from a respected scholar in the education field.

Submission Guidelines

Criteria for Acceptance

Editorial/Review/Advisory Boards

Transforming Education is a journal of the College of Education at Georgia Regents University. Transforming Education was designed through a collaborative effort between the faculty and Education Specialist students in the College of Education.
Lucindia Chance, EDD, MS, Dean, College of Education
Edward W. Lord, PhD, EDS, MM, Associate Dean, College of Education
Andrew T. Kemp, EDD, MED, Editor
Sandra Bandy, MS, AHIP, University Libraries
Melissa Johnson, MLIS, University Libraries
Student Design Team:
Debra Evans, Katelyn Hamilton, Veronica Jones-Felton, Natalie Lemacks, Kathy Morgan, Kerri Ogletree, Michael Parsons, Nancye Peel, Raquel Stevens, Angie Vernau, Jennifer Ward, Marie Watson-Gunter, and Keisha Wright.


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