Please use these formats when citing work from Scholarly Commons.


          I. Works not previously published or peer-reviewed

This section may include such materials as White Papers, Working Papers, or Pre-Prints

To cite these works include the author, title, Augusta University, date, accessibility 

verified date and handle. 


Example: Smith, John. The Heart of the Matter: Cardiovascular disease in Americans. Augusta University 2013. Accessed on January 17, 2013.


          II. Works previously published

It is important to note here whether you are citing the publisher version or the author version of 

the work. Both are explained below. Many publishers do not allow the publisher pdf version of 

works to be submitted to institutional repositories. 


Publisher Version

Cite the original publication including author, title, journal, volume, date, page numbers, digital 

object identifier (DOI) , etc. Although there is no specific need to cite the Scholarly Commons 

institutional repository you may choose to include the handle and date accessed. See example 



Author Version

Cite the publication as you would a publisher version, however here it is important to include the 

handle suggested above by adding [URL] “Accessed on” [date]. You will find the handle on the 

record page, this is a permanent link to the record. 


Example: Smith, John. The Heart of the Matter: Cardiovascular Disease in Americans. J Medical 

Studies. 2012; 1(1):15-32. http://hdl.handle,net.1000.0/921. Accessed on January 17, 2013.


          III. Theses and Dissertations

Please use your field’s specific citation guidelines and include, at your discretion, the handle for 

Scholarly Commons. Following are some examples of standard citation style.



In the American Medical Association style please include the author’s name, the title (italicized) 

followed by [dissertation], the city, state, and university where degree awarded and the year. You 

may also include the handle for the institutional repository. 


Example: Smith, John. The Heart of the Matter: Cardiovascular disease in Americans

[dissertation]. Augusta, GA: Augusta University; 2012. 

Accessed on January 17, 2013.



Include the author’s name, title (italicized), Diss. (or MA/MS Thesis) followed by the degree 

granting school and the year the degree was awarded. You may include the institutional 

repository handle if you so choose. 


Example: Smith, John. The Heart of the Matter: Cardiovascular disease in Americans. Diss. 

Augusta University, 2012. Web. Accessed on 1/17/2013 from 

          IV. Citing a Poster or Presentation 

This citation may be used to cite any form of presentation from a conference or lecture. To cite 

these please include the author or authors of the presentation, the title of the poster, [In:] the 

name of the conference or lecture where the presentation was displayed (italicized), the dates of 

the conference (italicized), the city and state where the conference was held, and the date of the 

conference. You may also included “[handle]. Accessed [date].”  


Example: Smith, John. The Heart: A 3D Vision. In: Heart and Cardiovascular Conference

February 2-4, 2013; Atlanta, GA, 2013.