Volume 1, Number 1, 2007

Original Research
The Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act (BCCPTA) in Georgia: Women Covered and Medicaid Costs in 2003, E. K. Adams, S. C. Blake, C. Raskind-Hood, L. Chien, M. Zhou, J. Liff, & W. Eley

Clinicians’ Perception of Inmates’ Satisfaction with Mental Health Services, J. B. Daniel & W. S. Korr

Modifying and Validating a Quality of Life Measure to Fit your Patient Population, M. R. Johnson, J. R. Maclean, R. Rogers, D. M., Fick, & A. Kallab

Multi-Level Evaluation of a Perinatal Health Program in Rural Southeast Georgia, S. Raychowdhury, S. Tedders, G. O’Steen, & S. Jones
Relationship of Fruit and Vegetable Servings and Self-Reported Diabetics in the Southeast and northeast, M. Rimando, F. Lopez, & H. Battula

Volume 1, Number 2, 2007

Original Research

Health Literacy Levels Among Adult Support Group Members and the General Adult Public : A Focus Group Approach, Czech, D. R., Alberto, J., & Joyner, A. B.

Infant Mortality Trends among Georgia Residents, 1995-2003: Targeting Healthy People’s 2010 Goals, Sturges, D., Gunn, L., Shankar, P., & Shroff, S.

Risk Factors for HIV Transmission among Hispanic Men Who Have Sex with Men in Atlanta, Nanan, D. N. C., & Hepburn, V. A.


McKinley Thomas, Mercer University School of Medicine

Editorial Board

Randolph S.Devereaux, University of Alabama
Paula Dohoney, Augusta State University
Jessie R. Legros, Mercer University
Mary W. Mathis, Mercer University
Anthony Parrillo, Georgia Southern University
Rakshitkumar Patel, University of Alabama
Rebecca Rogers, Augusta State University
Michael U. Smith, Mercer University
Arun Vaithi, Mercer University
Naomi Williams, Medical College of Georgia


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