The Cadaver was the campus newspaper published by the students on the Health Sciences Campus from 1946-1996. The first editorial begins "For some time is has been the opinion of your editor and various others of the student body that our school needed a news organ to aid us in correlating our opinions and views on matters of importance to our school and to us as students.”

The Cadaver reveals the humor, interests, and the changing eras of the student bodies that passed through the legacy institution of the Health Sciences Campus. While the publication was often humorous and satirical, it did inform with articles regarding the health sciences, the faculty, and campus life. When The Cadaver began in 1946, the institution was the University of Georgia’s School of Medicine. In 1950 the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents separated the institution from UGA and restored its name from the past, Medical College of Georgia. While the institution expanded its programs and added schools of dentistry, nursing, allied health, and graduate studies and became a university, it retained this name for many years. This was the name of the institution when The Cadaver ceased publication.

This collection is a record of the past. The items are historical documents which reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. Augusta University does not endorse or affirm the attitudes and opinions which may be offensive in today's society.


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